fractal neural nets, memory-strings
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course of axons:

poster-shown at the DGPPN-congress berlin 2008:(download at the right)

  demonstrating the occurence of alternating patterns in nets, working by intracellular engrams, memory-strings. Demonstrating some psychiatric symptoms as ambivalence or the changing of view onto the Necker-cube, assuming, active memory-strings would be inhibited for some working steps.

poster presented at the Jahrestagung der Neurowissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft Göttingen 2009:

 showing fractal neural nets in a summary

with the hypothesis, that patterns of activity of neurons may be stored, compared and reproduced by intracellular engrams in form of molecular chains, f.e. oligonucleotides or according peptides(CPAP- will be modulated by the intracellular calcium-level, which will reflect the history of activation of the neuron, and thus determine the production of peptides). Together with  hypothetical option to retranslate the molecular sequence of these peptides or oligonucleotides into an according sequence of activity of the neuron, the neural net will be able to reconstruct a pattern. In summary, these networks are superior to those, working on synaptical changes. Have to apologize, the poster is in german, but more pictures than text, might be understndable for english speakers quite well.  

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